Napoo yantra acts as a shield against Negative energies and evil powers. The black color symbolizes dark energies around us. The 4 arrows depict the negativity hitting us from all 4 directions. And the cross in the middle symbolizes end of all evil energies from all directions. Alongside the yantra a powerful and secret code is written which has 5 different symbols.

  • The 3 dots, symbolise the 3 types of negativity around us (self, other’s and evil spirits).
  • The second symbol, the forward moving arrow, symbolises the exit of negativity from our lives.
  • The third one, symbolises the blockage of external forces to enter our home, workplace and our lives.
  • The fourth one, circle symbolise eradication of all types of negativity
  • The fifth one, second circle represents complete protection for the future.

Placement of Napoo yantra at home or workplace removes most of the paranormal problems itself.

Napoo Yantra is used for self-protection and family protection against paranormal activity created by jealous people. It provides excellent relief from inauspicious situations and sufferings.

The Yantra must be put at the main entrance of the home to protect the family and it can be used in bedrooms when negativity affects personal relationships. Put it at workplace when money matters arise. You can ask us for more ways to use it.

Napoo Yantra is very good to use as wall paper on mobile and laptop screen for always protection. It should be used as your profile picture when jealous people follow you on social media to know and hamper your activities and progress.

You can use Napoo yantra to curb the negativity. Mostly, desirable results are seen within 7 days. In case, there is less improvement, you need to contact us ASAP as you might have a critical problem.

Napoo Yantra for Money

Most people in the world have problems related to money and finances. Problems like lack of wealth, unnecessary expenses and hurdles in money matters. People do not earn enough despite working hard and making efforts. This may be a result of evil eye, envy, curse, spells, aura strokes, chanting charms etc.

If your problems related to money are because of negative energy and evil powers then you should definitely use Napoo yantra. Napoo yantra is especially used as protection against negative powers. You can download the Napoo yantra for free from Google and benefit from it by following its rules.

You can use Napoo yantra in the following way:

  • You can put Napoo yantra in your work place, shop, factory, store etc. You can put it in any direction.
  • People who face difficulties (in office or job) can use the Napoo yantra as a screensaver on their mobile phone and laptop. They are also advised to put the Napoo yantra on the table they work on.
  • Putting any other yantra while using Napoo is prohibited. You must also discontinue other forms of prayer or worship while using this remedy to ensure benefit from the remedy.

You will notice improvement in your problems related to money matters after seven days.  If you do not get desired result in 7 days it means that your problem is related to spirits. When you are absolutely certain that your problems are related to effect of spirits, you can contact our office.

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