NAPOO YANTRA is used for self-protection and family protection against paranormal activity created by jealous people. It provides excellent relief from inauspicious situations and sufferings.

The Yantra must be put at the main entrance of the home to protect the family and it can be used in bedrooms when negativity affects personal relationships. Put it at workplace when money matters arise. You can ask us for more ways to use it.

Napoo Yantra is very good to use as wall paper on mobile and laptop screen,  for always protection. It should be used as your profile picture, WhatsApp display photo and status, Instagram photo and story etc. when jealous people follow you on social media to know and hamper your activities and progress.

You can use Napoo yantra to curb the paranormal energy. Mostly, desirable results are seen within seven days. In case, there is less improvement, you need to contact to nearest Napoo Healer as you might have a critical problem.

Napoo yantra is available at our office and branch office as well.
Napoo yantra cost : INR 1100/- Only
Contact: Vijay Batra (Karmalogist)
Napoo Paranormal Healing Expert

(C) Napoo Yantra is only for personal use. Copying Napoo Yantra for money collection or advertisement will be considered as an offence under copyright act.