Paranormal Healing Expert

Napoo Healing was formulated by Vijay Batra KARMALOGIST® in 2004 with the aim to teach scientific theory of alternative healing for paranormal problems. Vijay Batra is providing academic lectures and training for self-protection from all negative energies and supernatural forces. He works to save time and energy of the victim and teaches element based methods for faster relief and cure.

Vijay Batra Karmalogist is a world renowned spiritual coach, personal counsellor and paranormal healing expert, and is the founder of Shunya Panth (Spiritual Community). He is one of the first person to launch Karma counselling and paranormal counselling in India and has been working in the spiritual industry professionally since 2004.

He is a highly respected spiritual and paranormal expert and his popular spiritual and paranormal well-being coaching programmes have helped people globally to eradicate all types of negativity to feel good, gain confidence, build on self-esteem and live a superstitions free life. He promotes spiritual businesses and provides consultation for paranormal wellness.

Call for appointment: 8800357316, 9811677316, 8383077225