Napoo Healer – Vijay Batra "Karmalogist"

When medical tests are unable to identify reason of emotional and physical suffering(s) and popular alternative remedies fail against problems, this is a symptom that problems are related to paranormal world like evil eye, Curse, black magic or spell cast etc.

You can contact Napoo healer, Vijay Batra to get assistance when you are a victim of paranormal problems,. You can call directly to fix an appointment to discuss your problems one to one. If you reside outside Delhi or India, you can connect through video calling to get guidance and healing according to your problems.

These are few more symptoms which confirm that you require Napoo healing immediately:
  • Increase in negativity and problems despite chanting of prayers or mantras
  • Fulfillment of every negative spoken thing
  • No benefit of religious activities and good deeds
  • Hearing about others’ problem leading to that same problem in your life as well

Napoo healing is an effective way of dealing with negativity, fear, doubts, emotional issues and troubled personal relationships. It is a form of art to provide people succour against negative energy, which often creates major hurdles in all areas of life and spreads negativity in everyone’s life.

Napoo healer Vijay Batra provides Napoo healing weekly and monthly program for personal protection and family protection; and also offers quality assistance in various aspects of life such as Relationships, Stress, Confusion, Distraction, Mistakes, Sins, Guilt, Fear and other problems. Napoo healing opens up the window to a peaceful, happy and stress-free existence.       

To do Napoo healing you need to follow few things like,
  • Use of rings, threads or talisman is prohibited. All types of mascots, talismans, ash or Yantra should be drained away in running water (sea, ocean, river, etc.)
  • One should abstain from any other type of remedy or healing while doing Napoo elemental healing. All remedies, mantras, prayers, chants should be immediately stopped.
  • For complete protection by Napoo, no mascots, Yantra, chanting of mantras or prayers must be used/done. For quicker results, do not tell about your treatment to anyone and must be done secretly.

**Please note that Napoo healer Vijay Batra does not promote or teach harmful black magic through Napoo healing. This unique technique is for those who have been affected by paranormal world. 

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