Napoo paranormal healing course is for individuals to eradicate paranormal energy without depending on any healer or remedy. Napoo paranormal healing course is for permanent self protection and family protection from negative energy, blocked energy, evil energy, tantra mantra, curses, aura strokes, evil eye, black magic, chanting charms, spirit attacks etc.

  • When you have unseen and unusual paranormal problems.
  • When no one is understanding your paranormal problems.
  • When all popular alternative remedies fail against your paranormal problems.

Language: English

Course Charges: 31000/- (Special Discount Available for this month only)

Additional offer : Paranormal counselling session worth INR 9999/-

Napoo Paranormal Healing courses are available for individuals, retired, housewives, healers, readers, therapist, psychics, mediums, consultants, healing practitioners and alternative therapist to upgrade their paranormal skills and knowledge.

Napoo paranormal healing courses are not available online and are taught in person for effective learning and training.

Contact: Vijay Batra (Karmalogist)
WhatsApp Number: 8800357316