Why do we encounter obstacles in our life !

Why do we encounter obstacles in our life

In everyone’s life, there always comes a time, when despite hard and sincere work, one does not get the desired results. On the contrary it even gives adverse results. It is said, that in this world, every work performed, is rewarded. So then, why doesn’t any effort made for fulfilling any desire or improving the present situation, benefit us?

The reason for this is said to be, devoting less effort in work, unfocused goals, wrong choice of people and place and bad timing, luck not favouring you and the paranormal activity. There are a lot of spirits roaming around us that are not visible to the naked eye but occasionally, some people experience them. The type of nature, behaviour or thoughts a person has before he dies, stays with the spirit till it is reborn again.

Some people are in the habit of troubling others and ruining their established work, the spirits of such people continue to do so even after they die. Spirits do not possess a direction or intelligence. They derive their strength and direction from the words and thoughts of living beings. As like-minded people get along well together, similarly, spirits help people whose thoughts match their own. 

Invariably, it is seen that people who do good deeds, have to face a lot more hardships whereas people who do bad deeds are happier. The number of people, who do bad deeds, is far more than those who do good deeds.

When a person does not receive the desired results of his hard work, he tries every possible means and effort but invariably, fails. In times of crisis, a person tries his best to find all types of superstitious, scientific, and logical reasons and solutions. Unable to find the causes for his/her troubles and problems, many people start suspecting that it is the result of their friends, relatives neighbours etc. using paranormal activity, spells, curse, black magic or the evil eye on them.

Generally the cause of obstacles and hurdles coming into your life without reasons is directionless spirits. If a person gets the support of spirits doing good deeds, he/she will never encounter any kind of obstacle in his/her life. The world is not devoid of paranormal activity and supernatural forces. Many people practice this and get this done.

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