Napoo healing process establishes certain rules to get effective results. These include:

Rules of Napoo Healing

  • Stop all other remedies before you start Napoo healing.
  • Stop all forms of daily worship, prayers, chanting and meditation and other similar activities.
  • Do not wear any finger rings or stones. Do not wear any thread or bracelet or anything else on your wrist.
  • Do not wear any necklace, amulet, locket or photo or thread around your neck.
  • To protect you home against negative forces, remove all Yantra(s) and holy ash from your home.
  • Napoo healing method should be kept secret. Do not attempt to advise others and attract unnecessary trouble.

You are strongly advised to use the Napoo Yantra strictly in accordance to these rules.  You can download the Napoo Yantra from Google for free or you can also take it from our office.

  • For peace and happiness at home, keep Napoo Yantra at the main entrance of the house or in the drawing room.
  • Keep Napoo Yantra in the bedroom to improve inter-personal relationships. Similarly, you can keep Napoo Yantra in children’s bedroom for their protection.
  • Keep Napoo Yantra at your workplace to improve business. You can also use it as a screensaver on your phone.
  • Make Napoo Yantra your profile picture on Facebook and WhatsApp to ward off negativity from people who are jealous of you.

If you do not get results in seven days it means that the effect of negative energies is very strong or someone is still attacking you with negative forces.

  • Continue using Napoo healing services until your problem is solved. For faster results, do share feedback on your dreams and other activities.
  • If negative energies seem to harm you repeatedly then you are strongly advised to avail of monthly protection service.
  • If you are into alternative healing profession and you feel negativity affecting you after treating people and if you want protection from negative energies in the future too, you must avail of our services.
  • If you have any questions or want to avail of our services, please feel free to call us.

If you abide by the rule of Napoo healing, you will surely get 100% results.


Negative Effects of Remedies

Most people suffering from the effects of evil eye or ghosts, spirits resort to remedies to please the planets. This is a result of incomplete information about negative forces. Performing rituals to please the planets do not help. On the contrary wrong/ incorrect remedies can further embolden and strengthen the evil spirits thereby resulting in the problem becoming more serious and the spirits becoming stronger.

Before treating any negative energy we need to understand that the planets and negative energies are different from each other as their work and effects are different from each other. Planets are in the sky and they have a definite path and speed. Their minute rays fall on earth whereas negative energies are found on earth and they neither have the path nor speed like that of the planets. That is why performing remedies for planets can never put an end the malefic effects of evil spirits.

We all know that human beings on earth perform actions and bear the fruits of their actions on earth itself. This implies that the earth has the biggest effect on human beings. It is also said that the soul takes birth 84 lacs times including birth in human form and the description of all these forms are found on earth itself. There is no evidence to suggest that the soul goes to some other planet to be reborn. We also know that after death, the soul becomes a ghost on earth itself and it is on earth that humans experience effects of evil eye and obstruction caused by ghosts.

This also means that evil eye, ghosts, negative forces and black magic, aura strokes, chanting charm etc. are related only to earth. It is clear that ghosts do not come from some other planet so it is not appropriate to take other planets (except earth) into account. We have remedies for ghosts on earth itself and there is no need to go to some other planet for that. Obstructions and hindrances (caused by spirits and ghosts) and planetary movement are two different subjects. People while making calculations through horoscopes make calculations for other planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn) but they never make calculations for earth.

The earth has connection with all the negative energies and negative forces. That is why to ignore the influence of the earth on human beings can be termed as a serious fault in calculation. Ignoring the earth is like ignoring the house one lives and instead being interested in the neighbour and being unhappy. We have done calculations for other planets that are so far away from earth but we did not bother to think about the planet that we live on. If we know how to make calculations for earth, w can calculate all kinds of negative energies.

If the situation does not improve despite performing remedies for planets it proves that the problems are related to negative energies and not planets. It is necessary to have sound knowledge about ghosts, spirits, black magic etc. Half-baked knowledge can be dangerous. We need to identify the type of negative power and we need to use remedies based on the negative effect of such powers. We also need to realise that frequently changing remedies or using remedies that do not have any basis can strengthen negative powers. There are a few things that we need to understand with regard to negative powers and ghosts. We have to determine which elemental treatment is required because the problem will aggravate if we use too many remedies simultaneously.

Remedies used unknowingly can also strengthen the negative powers. So it is advisable not to resort to hearsay as far as remedies are concerned.

We can ascertain the problem (whether it is evil eye, black magic, ghosts or spirits) by analysing the dreams, signs, conduct, home and surroundings of the afflicted person.


Do not give advice to others for getting rid of their problems

There are many people who give advice and remedies to others. This can be harmful for the person giving the advice or remedy. After years of experience and studies, Napoo Foundation has concluded that people who try to be guides for others have faced grave problems. The most common problem faced by such people is poor health of their family and decrease in wealth. The main reason for this is that the person who is trying to be a guide to others thinks that giving remedies or his good karma will increase if people’s problems are solved. But sadly this does not happen.

If this was true then people who work on problems or give remedies would never have to struggle and his good karma would increase every day. We all know that the world runs on karma (action) and give and take nature of human relationships. The soul does not attain salvation unless the give and take is settled. As the guide is the mediator between the afflicted person and the negative force, he is accountable.

It is also believed that appeasing the planets and worshipping gods can destroy negative energies but this is not so because worshipping or praying with a selfish motive itself is futile. It is better not to worship at all than worship selfishly. We need to realise that the planets are not to be treated like one’s relatives or slaves. Problems will not end just like that by following the remedies offered by the person who thinks of himself as the guide. The guide along with the afflicted person has to use his energy to end the fruit of actions and save himself from negative influences. But most guides do not know how to do this.

So much so that a majority of people who give remedies do not know that giving remedies can bring negative influence on them. They presume they will accrue good karma if somebody’s work gets done. When you give the right guidance, it will have positive influence. Similarly, negative forces will have negative influence. Whenever a person follows the remedies, methods, charity, worship with sincerity then the effects of his problems are felt on the guide because the guide is the meridian between the person and his problem.

A part of the negative influence is felt by the guide too and he might even encounter problems which were otherwise not in his fate. You must have met many people who say that they have never hurt anyone or done anything worthy of punishment yet they suffer so much. This is a result of having given remedies to someone. To prevent yourself from negative energy it is best not to tell about any remedy to anyone.

An important thing to remember is that remedies given to help others can also have negative effect. For example if someone has forcefully taken possession of a house and you tell that person to vacate the house immediately, that person will harm you even before he harms the house owner. Similarly, giving or performing remedies for negative energies without proper knowledge can be dangerous.

People resort to all kinds of methods to get rid of their problems.  But their problems persist because they waste their time, money and energy on experiments instead of remedies. In earlier times life was simple and happy. Today we have so much information yet our problems remain unsolved. We do not need too many experiments for a simple life. What we need are remedies that can solve the problem from the root without causing any harm and making conditions favourable.

Excessive experimenting can aggravate your problems. That is why it is important to opt for remedies that are backed by science and logic.

Everyone is familiar with the signs of affliction by evil eye, black magic, ghosts etc. But experimenting with methods and remedies based no half-truths and hearsay is to give more strength to the evil forces.


Negative Effects of Yantra(s)

Yantra(s) are used to accomplish certain tasks and for wish fulfilment. Yantra come in different shapes depending on the purpose they are used for. The shapes have their own energy field. Yantra have different letters, words, sentences or mantras. Every letter carries a vibration. These vibrations produce special sound waves that are very helpful for wish fulfilment. Different metals and colours are also used in Yantra. Every metal has its own strength and effect while every colour has its own significance. To make a Yantra, shape, diagram, letters, metal and colour are necessary. A dot, line, triangle, quadrangle, pentagon, hexagon, polygon, etc. do not have uniformity. That is why even their effects are not uniform.  Similarly, every letter has a sound vibration. Yantra are mostly used to attain wealth and get rid of diseases and problems. They are also used as protection against ghosts and negativity. Some people wear Yantra around their neck on as a finger ring. Sometimes Yantras might give negative results despite having been kept for positive outcome. This happens because it is the law of nature for every object to have negative and positive effect. It is a different matter that we choose to see only the benefits.

Keeping different Yantras for one purpose is not a good idea as the energy, sound vibration and the strength of different Yantras can clash thereby not giving the desired results. Keeping too many Yantras in one place can have a negative effect on a person’s personal happiness. The negativity produced by different energies strengthens the powers of ghosts and evil spirits.

If the Yantra and the mantra or the chant is not in sync with each other then there is a possibility of negative energy emanating from the Yantra.

Wearing too many finger rings or wearing threads around the wrists or wearing lockets or keeping holy ash at home or burning incense sticks can strengthen negative energies. This will result in problems continuing for longer. Sometimes mistakes committed on a daily basis can have repercussions on up to three generations. This means that up to three generations will have to face a lot of struggle.


Negative Effects of Mantra(s)

Some people chant a particular mantra or perform a particular prayer or act of worship for years without any aim. They do not know when to stop chanting or performing. We all know that any mantra or name chanting or reading produces some form of energy. But most people do not know how to use the energy generated in a positive way. The inability to use this positive energy results in negative effect on the person and his home. The first sign of this negative effect is anger and lack of peace. Before starting mantra chanting, you should have a target and after chanting you should have the knowledge of how and where to use the positive energy. You should also be aware of the possibility of harm o chanting because excess energy is capable of depriving a family of bliss and happiness.

Not everyone knows that excess negative energy makes ghosts, evil eye, spirits etc stronger. People often complain that there is no end to the effects of negative energies despite mantra chanting and prayer and worship.

We need to focus on our daily actions and do’s and don’ts as far as our actions are concerned. Could it be possible that new problems are being created because of chanting mantras and performing prayers?

It is commonly known that every mantra has an effect that activates positive power of the particular mantra. This leads to wish fulfilment. It is a common notion that the correct pronunciation of a mantra can never have negative effect. But this is not true. When a person is surrounded by problems, he runs from pillar to post asking for solutions. He is given a mantra to solve his problem and have a prosperous and happy life.

Most people who chant mantras do experience positivity within themselves and in their surroundings. This is because of the activation of the power of the mantra.

The power generated by mantras has both positive and negative effects. But ordinary people do not have any knowledge about the negative aspects of mantras. Excess chanting of mantras can lead to creation of new problems instead of solving the present ones.

Mantras have been chanted for thousands of years. But compared to earlier times, today the problems and dilemma of human beings have only multiplied.

If mantras had only positive effects then there would be so much of positivity in the universe because of chanting by so many people for so many centuries. The power of the mantra would have been so strongly activated that nobody in this world would suffer or have problems.

It is certain that acquisition of one object through a mantra will harm an object that you already have. A mantra used to achieve one object leads to harm of another object because the power of mantra is both positive and negative. Before starting the chanting of a mantra, the person should be prepared to endure the harm to a worldly pleasure.

Repeatedly uttering the name of a person (dead or alive) produces some form of energy that is both harmful and beneficial. The person acquires the qualities, virtues, vices etc of the person whose name is being uttered. For attainment of worldly pleasures it is said that we should not utter the name of a person whose whole life has been full of struggles.

The energy of the sun is beneficial for the environment on this earth. But the sun also has the ability to destroy. Similarly, excessive chanting of mantras has the ability to harm worldly pleasures. Any mantra that is chanted with the motive of gain will definitely be harmful. Aimless chanting/ worship or prayer or the effect of negative energies on a place of mantra chanting can result in hurdles. Some people chant mantras or perform prayers and worship without any target or aim for years. They do not know when to stop and that it is necessary to stop.


Mantra-Ghaat (Spell-Cast by Chanting) and Harm Caused by It

In Napoo healing research it has been found that Mantra-Ghaat is a subject that most people are not aware of. Everyone knows about black magic, evil eye, ghosts and spirits but they do not have any information or knowledge about Mantra-ghaat and aura strokes. Mantra-ghaat is a very different and extremely mysterious subject. We do not find any information about it in either books or internet. Mantra-ghaat is extremely effective but it is not popular because common people use it unknowingly and secretively.

We are working on the invisible world for many years and trying to provide a lot of mysterious information through Napoo healing to those who are interested. When a person has signs that cannot be attributed to evil eye, black magic, ghosts or spirits, it implies that the person has been afflicted by mantra-ghaat. We need to remember that mantra-ghaat only harms without an exception.

  • Why and how does mantra-ghaat happen unknowingly?
  • What are the dos and don’ts to follow if you experience Mantra-ghaat?

Mantra-ghaat is a negative energy that is produced because of the desires and target produced through positive mantras.

Most people use mantraghaat unknowingly or because of ignorance. We need to understand that it a mystery how mantra-ghaat equally harms the person who commits it unknowingly and also others.

You face problems and negativity in life because of mantraghaat. Mantra-ghaat is an extremely secretive science. It is not like astrology or tantra so most people do not know about it. Mantra-ghaat cannot be cured by remedies or talisman.

Most mantras and remedies do not work because people lack the knowledge to end the effect of mantra-ghaat. It is imperative to have the requisite knowledge to protect yourself from the affliction of mantra-ghaat.

Main Signs of Mantra-ghaat

  • Increase in negativity and problems with the utterance of any mantra.
  • All negative utterances start coming true.
  • No beneficial results of religious activities and good deeds.
  • Being afflicted by the same agony and disease after hearing about a person’s agony and disease.

If you have any signs of mantra-ghaat it is necessary to get rid of it promptly as the affliction can deprive you of all worldly pleasures. Highest secrecy is maintained while giving remedies. You have to ensure that everything is done in secrecy else you will not benefit at all.


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