Napoo Paranormal Hospital (NPH)

Every being has three types of health problems which should be taken care of, or else it may become a cause of sufferings.

These are as follows:

  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Paranormal health

Mostly, people give utmost importance to physical health because it is visible and can be scanned by machines. Mental health is important because it is related to our peace satisfaction and vision; these health issues are scanned by habits and behaviors. The most important health is related to paranormal world and it is ignored by most of the population of the world as it is invisible and can be felt only.

NPH offers you a unique paranormal health checkup to know if you are victim of any kind of paranormal problem, like negativity, evil eye, curse, spell cast, spirits or black magic.

  • NPH is providing most effective element based treatments for all such negativity.
  • NPH uses logical and scientific methods and does not promote any traditional superstitious method.
  • NPH assists for removal of such problems and works for permanent protection


You can be a part of this unique project as a volunteer, seeker, contributor or donor according to your ability and capability and can change someone’s life.

You can also become the branch head of a Napoo paranormal Hospital, provided you have a space to run this initiative.


Proposed plan

  • Reception
  • Waiting room
  • Specialist room
  • Staying facility - victim
  • Staying facility - family member
  • Food arrangements – Canteen
  • Free drinking Water facility
  • Power backup 24 hours
  • Parking space for staff and visitors
  • Hygienic washrooms
  • Lawn area

We request to become a part of this unique project and participate as a volunteer, seeker, contributor or donor according to your ability and capability.

Contact us for more details.