Paranormal counselling is a 1-To-1 session to discuss and know about paranormal problems and get rid of such activities. Paranormal counselling helps to know difference between evil eye, black magic, spell casting, curse, aura strokes, chanting charms and spirits. It is an effective way of dealing with paranormal activities which often create major hurdles in various areas of life.

When medical tests are unable to identify reason of suffering(s) and popular alternative remedies fail against problems, this is a symptom that problems are related to the paranormal world.

Symptoms of paranormal problems:

  • ‎‎Feeling negative energy
  • Dirty and strange dreams
  • Heaviness on body and mind
  • Seeing black or white shadows
  • Experiencing fear and suffocation
  • Unexplained emotional imbalance
  • Experiencing paranormal activities
  • Hearing strange whispering voices
  • Missing objects or misplaced objects
  • Feeling of someone else in the house
  • Indulging in unnatural / unhealthy sex
  • Feeling of someone is watching always
  • Changes in appearance and personality
  • Various colour marks and scratch on body
  • Problems in relationships and married life
  • Objects in the house continuously breaking
  • Seeing spirits or other indescribable beings
  • Experiencing being raped or sexually abused, etc.

You must get paranormal counselling when no one is understanding you about these problems. The next step after paranormal counselling is paranormal healing. You can also avail Napoo paranormal healing to get rid of such problems.

There are four types of paranormal counselling:

  • General paranormal counselling
  • Family paranormal counselling
  • Woman paranormal counselling
  • Child paranormal counselling

Vijay Batra is the only one who is providing this kind of unique counselling to understand paranormal problems and Napoo healing to rid of such evil problems.

Napoo paranormal counselling charges - ₹ 9999/- 

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