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Napoo Paranormal Healer

Initially, healing practices for evil eye, spells and black magic were in hands of very limited people. And now, after a deep research of many years, there is a way to learn about paranormal world and logical methods to tackle the evil problems.

If you have an interest in spirituality and occult world, you must choose a spiritual based profession.  Vijay Batra Karmalogist (Founder- Napoo Foundation) gives you an opportunity to build career with this special Napoo Healing professional course.

This course is designed according to the needs of the current generation which provides you with hidden logics and knowledge, and gives a platform for a dynamic career ahead. This is an opportunity to turn your passion into profession.

Napoo healing course is not based on traditional scary rituals and is especially for those, who want mysterious enlightenment and extreme expertise to recognize actual type of evil problems according to current sufferings to eradicate such effects through logic based remedies.

Knowing effective logical remedies is also an art, which one can learn and practice with the help of modern research of Napoo.

  • As a Napoo healer, you will be able to provide relief to people from all kinds of inauspicious situations and sufferings. Know the secretive remedy to solve all worldly problems.This is a great opportunity for healers, readers, therapist, psychics, astrologers, mediums, occultists and other practitioners of the spiritual field to upgrade their spiritual skills and knowledge.

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Napoo healing was initiated after many years of research on the invisible occult world. Napoo healing is originally from India and Napoo healing course was started with the aim to teach very effective and unique element based methods for all kinds of negative powers. Napoo healing is growing very fast in the world, because of tremendous results. Napoo Healing is the world’s most effective methods for invisible evil powers. Napoo means complete eradication of all negative energy problems, which are invisibly harming all areas of personal life slowly. It is a new modern version of healing technique and completely different from all types of performing rituals and other healing methods. Napoo healing helps to know the symptoms and difference between Negativity, Evil Eye, Black Magic, Spell Casting, Curse and External or Internal effect of Bad Spirits. Napoo provides excellent relief from all kinds of inauspicious situations and sufferings because it is one of the most secretive metaphysical techniques, which is not based on traditional rituals and orthodox methods. Founder - Vijay Batra (Karmalogist)

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