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Certificate Courses for paranormal counselling and paranormal healing are 1-to-1 courses offered by Vijay Batra (Karmalogist) who is a distinguished professional in the paranormal field. He is working as a “Napoo Paranormal Counsellor” and “Napoo Paranormal healer” for over 15 years. The course has been designed for both aspiring as well as experienced candidates who want to acquaint themselves and gain knowledge on the various subject areas associated with the paranormal world. This course will give you an introduction to the paranormal activity and will help you deep dive into the infinite hidden knowledge of it.

These courses aims at preparing the candidates with requisite knowledge to counsel people and to help them deal with the paranormal activity. The course is aimed to acquaint the candidate to be empathetic in their approach to the people who are affected with Paranormal Problems. It will help you understand their present situations and state of mind which will help in better understanding of people's problems and providing a concrete solution for it.

The Paranormal world is full of challenges and tricky situations. This course provides the candidates with a detailed knowledge on the skills required to understand the presence of paranormal activity and thereafter, tackling them to provide relief to the victim. These skills are for the 21st Century Healer, and have been modified according to today’s requirements with utmost precision and logic.

The Certificate course for Napoo paranormal counsellor

Duration 3 months

Charges 100000 INR

The Certificate course for Napoo paranormal healer

Duration 3 months

Charges 100000 INR

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