Napoo Foundation was founded by Vijay Batra Karmalogist™ in 2004 with the aim to teach scientific theory of alternative healing for paranormal problems. It is providing academic lectures and training for self-protection from all negative energies and supernatural forces. The foundation works to save time and energy for the victim and teach element based methods for faster relief and cure.

Now, day-by-day, Napoo healing is becoming a prominent healing technique for paranormal problems. It is becoming popular worldwide because of its tremendous results, fear-free teaching, scientific training and harmless practice. The foundation teaches a unique element based healing theory, the only technique in the world to cure all problems scientifically.

  • No traditional rituals
  • No chanting or ornaments
  • No orthodox stories and fears

Napoo foundation is welcoming all those people who have healing ability and want to cure others from paranormal activity and want to make a professional life in paranormal service. There are few options they can choose according to their interest and ability.

  • Napoo paranormal consultant
  • Napoo paranormal healing expert
  • Napoo paranormal remedy expert
  • Napoo paranormal center owner

Napoo foundation also helps to choose the right option after a short discussion.

  • Napoo paranormal consultant is to help the client who is suffering from negative energy. He/she will guide how to deal with problems and sufferings according to the effects. He/she can only recommend the type of remedy or healing process required to the victim of paranormal activity.
  • Napoo paranormal healing expert is a person who can actually heal to remove all kinds of paranormal activity because he/she has ability to read and feel the power of negative energy and can work against these problems without any fear or effects on him.
  • Napoo paranormal remedy expert can suggest you elements based remedies according to the problems and sufferings because of his elementary expertise and practice of elements.
  • Napoo paranormal center owner is a person who has joined Napoo franchise or partnership program to earn his daily needs and has all legal rights to work according to term and conditions of the Napoo foundation.

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Vijay Batra Karmalogist

Founder & CEO

Vijay Batra is an International Karmalogist, Spiritual Life Coach, Personal Counselor and Healer for paranormal problems. He is Founder and CEO of Napoo Foundation. He has done a deep research about various paranormal and spiritual concepts. His interest in Spiritualism first started when he was a kid of nine years. His work & knowledge has been appreciated by saints & intellectuals.

As Karmalogist : He counsel people to improve daily karma which are performed incorrectly because lack of logical knowledge. Maximum people of the world are confused about things like virtue-sin and right-wrong.

As Astro Counselor : Astro Counselor does not mean a traditional astrologer. Astro Counselor helps to escape from all superstitions related to astrology and illogical belief of planets and remedies, He is committed to show right path with natural logical methods to save time, money and energy which people spend unnecessarily because of misguidance.

As Spiritual Life Coach : To get something different and unique you need to learn different from legendary books. He has been teaching Spiritual Education since many years,  which gives logic based answers to questions that are considered unanswerable and also assist for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

As Napoo Healer : He is  providing Napoo healing course and training through workshops and academic lectures.  Napoo has complete secretive knowledge of active spirit world, like Evil-Eye, Sorcery, Spell-Casting, Curse, Black-Magic, Tantra-Mantra, Evil Spirit and Negative Energies.  He has been removing evil and negative effects since many years. Thousands people of the world have found cure through Napoo healing and remedies.